Our Purpose

Women in Marketing (WIM) takes a holistic approach to the educational and wellbeing of women through collaborations and partnerships with relevant organisations. From women working in corporations and organisations, through to female entrepreneurs, WIM reflects the evolution of the marketing world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, inspire, connect, recognise and empower women through the cycle of their lives.


The term ‘Womenomics’ has been coined to describe the huge shift in financial power that women are starting to enjoy, with the prediction that by 2020 women’s pay will overtake men’s.

Women now own 48% of Britain’s wealth, a figure that’s predicted to rise to 60% by 2025, with similar figures predicted for America.

Statistics, from Ogilvy & Mather, have estimated that $12.5 Trillion is the total income of women worldwide.

In 2018, women are expected to have over $40 trillion worth in consumer purchasing power (#OgilvyCannes).