Twitter video recognizes WiM Leaders

The film is part of Twitter’s #SheInspiresMe initiative, which aims to lift and empower female voices.

We are thrilled to see that among the female leaders and creatives from around the world featured in the video, are our very own WiM leaders, Ade Onilude and Joanne Nye.

In the film, Denice Frohman reads her poem over images and videos of female leaders and creatives from around the world, stars included are Alicia Silverstone and Mena Suvari; former Under Secretary of State Charlotte Beers; Sinmisola Hughes-Obisesan, the first female creative director for Insight Publicis, Nigeria; and Twitter employees.

In a blog post about the video, Twitter CMO Leslie Berland explained that it was created at an event at Twitter Beach, Cannes Lions, France, held by the social network that brought together a group of “inspiring and aspiring” female leaders and creatives from around the world to celebrate their collective impact.

“The gathering resulted in a unique collaboration that highlights an exquisite mix of innovators, storytellers, students, artists, actors, and activists,” wrote Berland. “Poet Denice Frohman crafted an original work that she recited at the event which encapsulates the spirit of the experience.”

The video was created by Twitter’s Brand and Creative Studio.

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