WIM International Women’s Day 2023 #Embrace Equity

International Women’s Day is the time when the world comes together to raise awareness and tackle the still very present gender discrimination across all sectors of society. For WIM,every day is Women’s Day. Every day we highlight the economic and societal challenges that impact women.

We consistently endeavour to use our platform to spotlight those who have provided the ‘blueprint’ and those today who are actively doing the work or support initiatives to provide equality and equity across the globe.

This International Women’s Day reflects our 2023 global theme: ‘FLOW’ as we spotlightwords of wisdom from a select mix of our global community including former awardees and WIM Global Listees.

Quotes of wisdom: ‘FLOW’ – reflect the ebbs and flows of life,creativity,equity, themotherhood juggle,branding,education,music and experientiality through to the menopause.


WIM Global supports the International Women’s Day #embraceequity Campaign

Thank you:

Kai Deveraux Lawson

Mai Salama

Nicola Kemp

Prisca Moyesa

Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas

Lisa Lugo

Angela Hindhaugh

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