The WiM Awards

The Women in Marketing Awards, London

Launched in 2010, the WiM Awards were established to recognise the economic, social influence and impact of women to millions. The WiM Awards has given recognition to inspirational women across the globe, from some of the biggest brands – Google, HP, Unilever, Hearst, Ogilvy & Mather and Sony to name but a few.

The WiM Awards 2017 for the first time, opened and received entries from around the world making it the first Global WiM Awards..

WiM Awards 2018 included two new award categories The Change Maker and Industry Shaper. Our winners came from across the globe including the USA, South America and South Africa.

WiM Awards 2019 will reflect industry trends and recognise the innovative work being done to improve the lives of people with the introduction of two new categories in the Health and Wellness sector: Best Marketing Leader in Creating Change in Health & Wellness and Health & Wellness Public Campaign Award.

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‘…The aim of the WiM (Women in Marketing) Awards is to promote, recognise and celebrate women’s achievements in leadership roles, who are making a difference in a profession that touches the public in millions of ways every day’.

Ade Onilude, Founder & CEO of Women in Marketing

‘I am proud to be able to support in my own small way as an advisor on the WiM Advisory team. Ade’s focus for WiM on innovation and new approaches is one I am a huge supporter of. Gone are the days of command and control; leadership must be inclusive, empathetic, understanding and fallible – these are on the whole qualities that I see as more feminine than masculine, so we need more women in leadership to correct the dominance of the male, pale and stale.

The purpose of Havas is to re-imagine the way things have worked in the past and that includes a fresh and progressive approach to attracting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce that enables us to best service the clients we represent and the audiences they are there to serve. Leaders that genuinely promote change are also those who promote an inclusive and diverse culture. WiM (Women in Marketing) smartly captures a movement around women, whilst also recognizing that movement can drive the change business needs.’

Paul Frampton Calero, Former Group CEO, Havas Media Group UK and Ireland

‘At Axim, we are constantly looking for people to fill roles with titles like Enterprise Architect, Systems Integrator, Data Scientist, Data Analyst… I’ll be honest: as an ancient adman, they’re titles I had little understanding of a few years ago but they are important roles to provide the connection with the customer that the modern marketer has to have.

But it seems to me that there are still far too few women available to fill those roles at present. And that’s an area that needs to be addressed.’

Martin Smith, Chairman, AXIM Global

Past Winners of the WiM Awards

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