The WiM Awards

The Women in Marketing Awards, London

Launched in 2010, the WiM Awards were established to recognise the economic, social influence and impact of women to millions. The WiM Awards has given recognition to inspirational women and male equality advocates across the globe, from some of the biggest brands – Google, HP, Unilever, Burberry,SAP and Live Nation to name but a few.

The WiM Awards 2017 for the first time, opened and received entries from around the world making it the first Global WiM Awards.

WiM Awards 2018 included two new award categories The Change Maker and Industry Shaper. Our winners came from across the globe including the USA, South America and South Africa.

The 2018 Awards was a exclusive Black-tie dinner held at The historic Museum of London,the venue was specifically chosen for it’s Centennial Celebration of the suffragettes via it’s Vote for Women exhibition.

WiM launches The WIM Inclusion Charter
The WiM Inclusion Charter is the aspiration of the hashtag #We Will -a stance that appreciates the value of inclusion and diversity that demonstrates an organisation’s willingness to pledge against a set of inclusive statements that challenge the status quo.

WiM Awards 2019 reflected industry trends and the innovative work being done to improve the lives of people with the introduction of two new categories in the Health and Wellness sector: Best Marketing Leader in Creating Change in Health & Wellness and the Health and Wellness Public Campaign Awards.

WiM Awards 2020 marked the ten year anniversary of our awards, the WiM Awards reflect the evolving landscape of marketing with that in mind we revised the former Inspirational Leader in the Field of Customer Experience Award to include consumer behaviourist, the WIM Journalist of the Year Award was re-named Storyteller of the year to reflect the growth and importance of podcasters, new categories this year include The PR communicator of the year Award to recognise the important role of crisis communication during the global pandemic, The Marketing Scientist Award to celebrate educators in marketing and in homage to the commended Outstanding Contribution to Marketing 2019 recipient Vikki Ross
The WiM Copywriting Award-supported by Vikki Ross for #CopywritersUnite
The 2020 awards reflected the growing global influence of the awards recognising awardees from all continents.

WIM Awards 2021 was one of both reflection and transformation. As we look back on a year like no other with the effects of the global pandemic affecting women and women’s roles in the workplace and home, we take strength from our theme of Hope, Humanity and Healing. Our wellbeing is never more important than it is now, and as we take time to recover and rebuild, it is important that we champion our achievements that have triumphed in the face of difficulties. As we move forward and heal, this year’s global awards will focus on the digital transformation – both personally and industrywide – and how women’s efforts and sheer strength have hugely contributed to shaping the future of the marketing sphere.

WiM Awards 2022- The global theme this year for WIM is Evolution, from WiM Awards inception, it’s always been our aim to reflect the evolving landscape of marketing with this in mind we have revised selected categories The PR Communicator of the Year and The Marketing Scientist, we have also introduced three new categories Innovation Marketer of the Year, Creative Marketer of the Year and Strategic Planner of the Year.

WiM Awards 2023- The WIM Global theme for 2023 is “Flow”, as we globally experience economic, and societal velocity and the ebbs and flows of life, we celebrate those who despite these challenges have contributed and impacted the evolving landscape of marketing.


We believe in using our platform to amplify the work of organisations that primarily support women and are purpose driven,spotlighting a selection of organisations and speakers who have been given a “voice” at our awards.


WiM/WiM Awards 2011 supported Women for ,2011 also marked the centenary year of International Women’s Day


WiMAwards 2012 supported Women -focus “Advancing the playing field that empower adolescent girls and young women through sport and play”
Speaker: Astrid Aafjes -Founder & President who flew in to speak from the Netherlands


NABS -UK support and wellbeing organisation for primarily advertising and media professionals
Speaker : NABS CEO Diana Tickell


UN Women
Speaker: Laura Haynes-UN Women UK Committee member,presented The He for She Story- (Initiative for male advocacy for equality)


The Social Founder’s Network
Speaker -Founder Caroline Diehl former CEO& Founder MediaTrust and former Founder&Chair of Together (Community Channel)


Refuge Charity -focus to “Rebuild lives after abuse”
The Refuge Charity was supported by our 2023 venue partner the media organisation The Independent.

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‘…The aim of the WiM (Women in Marketing) Awards is to promote, recognise and celebrate women’s achievements in leadership roles, who are making a difference in a profession that touches the public in millions of ways every day’. Ade Onilude, Founder & CEO of Women in Marketing

‘I am proud to be able to support in my own small way as an advisor on the WiM Advisory team. Ade’s focus for WiM on innovation and new approaches is one I am a huge supporter of. Gone are the days of command and control; leadership must be inclusive, empathetic, understanding and fallible – these are on the whole qualities that I see as more feminine than masculine, so we need more women in leadership to correct the dominance of the male, pale and stale.

The purpose of Havas is to re-imagine the way things have worked in the past and that includes a fresh and progressive approach to attracting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce that enables us to best service the clients we represent and the audiences they are there to serve. Leaders that genuinely promote change are also those who promote an inclusive and diverse culture. WiM (Women in Marketing) smartly captures a movement around women, whilst also recognizing that movement can drive the change business needs.’ Paul Frampton Calero, Former Group CEO, Havas Media Group UK and Ireland

Past Winners of the WiM Awards

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