Inclusion Charter

We are excited to present the WiM Inclusion Charter. At WiM we are global, but we are also small and this is reflected in why we believe a charter will bring together all within our network and stakeholders in a common grounding of what it means to aspire to an inclusive culture within our organisations.

The WiM Inclusion Charter will allow a business whatever sector they are from, small or large, UK or international, to have a clear benchmark against which they can mark themselves.

We decided to steer away from targets and instead created an aspiration through #WeWill, a stance that, for us, demonstrates an organisation’s willingness to sign against a determined and positive set of inclusive statements which reflect their intention to challenge the status quo.

We wish for organisations to embrace these standards and be representative of the values, therefore this is not a lip-service pledge. All signatories of the WiM Inclusion Charter will be expected to attend regular roundtables and workshops; the first roundtable is scheduled for April 2019. We want to be able to support both the market, and you as individuals, to partner in creating inclusive cultures and forming sustainable brands for the future.

Signatories will be allowed to use the WiM Inclusion Charter and will be expected to launch this within their organisation and, if required, WiM will support you with this.

Join and stand with us to say #WeWill change how things are done, moving the business forward into a new era which is inclusive of all.

Read the pledges and become a signatory

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