Our organisation pledges that:

1. We will create diverse teams throughout the organisation and ensure our senior leadership teams reflect our clients and customers.

2. We will educate our supply chain on the importance and business benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

3. We will challenge our clients’ thinking on diversity and inclusion through our delivery.

4. We will review all business processes to ensure we are attracting and recruiting diverse talent into our business.

5. We will ensure the topic of inclusion features regularly on the boardroom agenda.

6. We will work to ingrain a culture of positive mental well-being and ensure that all employees have the support they require.

7. We will network with other organisations in our sector to champion all aspects of inclusionacross the industry.

8. We will commit to regularly attend the WiM roundtable to share our best practice and the challenges faced in honouring ourpledge agreement.

9. We will appoint a member of the senior executive team to be responsible for the diversity and inclusion agenda.

10. We will promise to build on this charter from our starting point and will set robust key milestones which challenge the status quo both internally and across the marketing industry.

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