Our Vision

Women in Marketing (WiM) believes in the importance of feminine qualities – empathy, soft power, emotional intelligence – that women can bring to the world of business and politics, by helping to bring balance.

Innovative thinking is key – Think different.

    • Empowerment – through life-long learning, WiM works in partnership with those who offer relevant and inspiring programmes/platforms globally.
    • Philanthropy – WiM supports those in emerging economies, through global initiatives that are gender specific.
    • Inclusiveness – WiM will always include men, nothing can be achieved faster if the other 50% are ignored.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, inspire, connect, recognise and empower women through the cycle of their lives.


By 2030, up to 160 million women may need to change jobs in the age of automation. Leaders across industries have a role to play in supporting this transition #WEF20 #PowerofParity

Source Mckinsey Global Inst and the World Economic Forum


Women and the Sustainable Goals


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