We’re excited to announce a special partnership with the marketing legend, Philip Kotler. Read on to see his reasons for supporting WiM and all about his talk at his World Marketing Summit

Why Professor Kotler is supporting the WiM Awards and WiM as a strategic partner with his inaugural UK World Marketing Summit

Professor Kotler’s vision has always been one of transformative marketing, one that breaks the mould, and challenges the status quo of advancing marketing to new and better boundaries for the world. His vision of making the World a Better place Through Marketing is exemplified by the Ade Onilude and her creative and transformative vision behind the Women Marketing organisation. Recognising women champions of marketing is an inspiration for others, perhaps in communities that do not have the same types of freedom as those women within the United Kingdom or the States. Even within Western economies, the situation for gender equality and rights is dire and much more still needs to be done and this is why we support the WiM community as it is trying to make the world a better place through marketing.

To celebrate this partnership, we are delighted to act as the host sponsor of the WiM Awards and honoured that WiM is a founding partner of WMS UK

The World Marketing Summit (WMS)

WMS global will run in 19 countries world wide in 2019. Professor Philip Kotler’s message to UK Marketers will be a simple one – he will emphasise transformative marketing (marketing for a better world) leadership as the future of marketing. He will also propose a Post-Brexit Ecosystem approach and criticise the term Post-Brexit Marketing as misguiding UK Marketers.

His Post-Brexit Ecosystem approach will be published as an academic paper in the European Journal of Marketing in 2020 and involves a more sustainable, inclusive and transformative approach to align Great UK Marketing with the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals. Professor Kotler believes that the United Kingdom is at an ideal juncture in its history to showcase to the world what transformative marketing leadership is.

Interview with WIM Awards Global 2019 Presentation Partner:


WiM: Presented Ltd are specialists in presentation design. We speak to their Co-Founder and Director, Philippa Leguen de Lacroix.

Philippa, your company Presented uses PowerPoint to an incredibly high level. Why would a large marketing department outsource to a company like yours, instead of keeping presentation design in-house?

Presented: The presentation design industry is growing rapidly, with standards improving year on year. Our clients want a number of things from a presentation: good design, to engage their audience, to get their message across and ultimately achieve their goal. A well-planned presentation strategy can do this, and it’s an area of expertise that both small and large companies often can’t fulfil in-house.

Here at Presented, we’re pushing the boundaries with animation, interactivity and creativity. We’re offering our clients solutions they never thought possible. Additionally, PowerPoint is easily editable and re-usable for future events.

WiM: Presented boasts some very high-profile clients, are they all using PowerPoint? In your opinion what’s the future of the software? Are there other presenting future trends that we should be aware of?

Presented: Yes, about 95% of our work is in PowerPoint. Microsoft gets a bad press but they continuously improve PowerPoint’s capabilities. We see it handle so much now, in the right hands it can do surprising and incredible things. For those reasons, plus the fact that it’s used by most of the business world, we believe PowerPoint is here to stay. Of all the software we use PowerPoint is by far the most flexible in terms of what it can do, and ease of use for the end-user (a huge plus point for our clients).

As for future trends, we’re always ready to adapt to new technologies. AR and VR are in the news more and more, as it becomes more affordable and accessible we expect to see it used in presentation environments. But right now, something we already adopt for our clients is interactivity options. Features like hidden menus, triggered animation, live polls and quizzes are becoming increasingly popular.

But, whatever the latest trend, ultimately the key is to stay focused on your presentation goal. Then plan carefully what PowerPoint capabilities, effects and add-ins will best help you to achieve this.

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