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The Change-Maker Award 

Winner: Gemma Mason, Head of Customer Experience, Superdrug UK
Gemma Mason has been a driving force for change at Superdrug by getting up close and personal with all their customers. From standing with all women against Tampon Tax to give them their tax back, to ensuring that black and Asian women’s beauty products are more accessible on the high street through ‘Shades of Beauty’. Under Gemma’s leadership, Superdrug rose to 4th position, up from 48th, in the UK Customer Satisfaction Index.

Highly Commended: Marina Haydn, Economist UK
Marina is on a mission to ensure the Economist is more inclusive and champions women more equally. She shifted female readership significantly with sales of over £6 million, and delivered subscriber growth for women at double the levels for male subscribers’ month on month. We salute Marina’s International Women’s Day campaign this year, which raised provocative questions on gender issues and we are looking forward to seeing what she does next.

Commended : Aline Santos, Unilever UK
An undeniable mover and shaker of diversity and inclusion at the highest levels, Aline lead Unilever’s steady march towards gender balance in the work place. Increasing female representation from 38% to 47%, Aline has recognised the power of partnerships to accelerate progress by leading an initiative with UN Women tackling the widespread stereotypes within the advertising industry, gathering support from 24 global companies, creating impact at scale.

Winner: Charlotte Bunyan, Collider Agency UK
Charlotte leads strategy, innovation and talent at Collider which drives change. Successes include initiating a pro-bono creative fund for female entrepreneurs so they can ‘get even’ and get ahead. Internally, she has also spearheaded the agency’s efforts to address the gender pay-gap and all biases.

Highly Commended: Heather Dansey, Publicis Media UK
Heather is Insight Director, shaking the cultural agenda and social thought leadership. Despite being a ‘one woman band’, she’s been able to invoke great change actively championing women including ‘Media women in tech’ and female experts in the business. It’s great to recognise her support for women, through this commendation.

Commended: Mary Ellen Dugan, WP Engine UK
Mary is a positive forward looking CMO. Since Mary joined, the company has doubled in customers, people and revenue. She has revamped the brand and found new ways to engage new business customers, which resulted in a 30% pipeline growth and a 70% increase in sales opportunities. Clearly, Mary is firing on all cylinders.


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