Prizes and sponsors

Recognition and rewards

The Women in Marketing Awards are prestigious accolades for the excellent work that is created in our industry across the globe.

Winning or being shortlisted proves you are committed to the future of marketing and looks excellent in your portfolio. We plan on celebrating awardees at an exclusive in-person event in London.

All winners will receive:

An exclusive award

A bespoke WiM Award certificate designed by Hands Down! brand design agency.

The Whole Marketer

Abigail Dixon FCIM, founder and author of The Whole Marketer (book, podcast, community, training & coaching) and Labyrinth Marketing consultancy, is proud to support this year’s Women In Marketing Awards. As a previous winner of Independent Consultant of the year in 2019 and a judge for 2020, Abigail is delighted to recognise and celebrate talented women in our marketing profession by offering the following prizes:

  • Exclusive webinar invitation to ‘The Whole Marketer’s Toolkit – do you have the skills you need?’ Understanding the holistic skills you need today to become a successful and fulfilled marketer
  • 20% Discount off coaching programmes – valid against group programmes or 1-2-1 sessions. Your opportunity to increase your level of personal understanding, boost confidence, motivation, define values & purpose, overcome limiting beliefs that have previously held you back… and much more

For more information about The Whole Marketer see


More prizes to be announced………

Head Line Sponsor

iCrossing is a digital marketing agency that works with businesses who are ready to move faster in digital to create a real step-change. Setting it apart, iCrossing is owned by Hearst, the world’s largest independent media, entertainment, and content company. Being part of the Hearst family gives iCrossing access to Hearst audiences, data, consumer research, and category experts which allows iCrossing to better spot new insights, trends and inform the direction for its clients.

iCrossing delivers Change. Made Simple.

We are incredibly proud to support WIM Awards 2021 and the brilliant and trailblazing women it empowers

Category sponsors

The Change Maker Award

Intuit is a mission-driven, global financial platform company that gives everyone the opportunity to prosper. We serve consumers, small businesses, and the self-employed and work with a range of partners to solve our customers’ most pressing problems. At Intuit, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to prosper and we are dedicated to empowering people around the world to improve their finances and live the lives they want. Our products, including QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint, help our customers make more money, with the least amount of work, while having complete confidence in their actions and decisions.

We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Women in Marketing. Once again we are honored to sponsor the Changemaker Award category that celebrates innovation and the creative power of these talented and inspirational women from around the world and the evolving landscape of the marketing craft.


Prize supporters

Hands Down! is a brand design agency built around a simple idea. That better work comes from working better together.

We have been tenaciously applying design thinking to reimagine the traditional agency model to make it better for your creative needs. Our ways of working get you to better creative outcomes. And the more you work with us the better we all get at evolving and adapting with your brand.


Media partners

Creative Brief/Bite

The current global crisis has placed a huge strain on our industry and the diverse individuals working within it. The work of Women in Marketing to champion, elevate and celebrate the often unsung heroes of our industry has never been more vital. Creativebrief is proud to continue to be a partner of the awards, which have successfully had such a positive halo effect on so many careers and organizations over the past decade.

Creativebrief is a marketing platform for ambitious brands and agencies, providing them with the intelligence and connections to create powerful work. BITE is the editorial arm of the business; offering insight into the trends and people powering the most effective and progressive work in our business. Our support and partnership with Women in Marketing affords us the opportunity to showcase the insight and stories of some of the most talented people in our industry: the winners of the Women in Marketing Awards.

Women in Marketing CIC is an organization which across the last decade has been a cheerleader and champion for women across the industry. The Awards, which are a showcase and celebration of best-in-class talent, have been instrumental in recognising and rewarding some of the industry’s unsung heroes and rising stars. Constantly evolving, the Awards always reflect the changing landscape of the industry. Women in Marketing is so powerful because it is so much more than an individual awards ceremony; it is a movement that has successfully elevated so many women’s careers. We are proud to support it.


PRovoke is proud to support Women in Marketing. The pandemic has made it another transformative year for many practitioners working in agencies and in-house teams in the global PR and communications industry, as women in the industry, at all levels, are still bearing much of the weight of the new normal. We’ve always admired Women in Marketing, as a champion and a cheerleader for women working across the breadth of the marketing industry, and that work is more important than ever.

PRovoke is the global publication for the PR and communications industry, and we’re excited that our partnership with Women in Marketing will allow us to champion some of the incredibly talented – and so often previously-unsung – winners of the global Women in Marketing Awards. Last year, we supported Women in Marketing CIC by helping to develop the new award for the PR Communicator of the Year, introduced as communications have become mission-critical for brands and businesses adapting to the world we now find ourselves in. Our EMEA editor, Maja Pawinska Sims – herself the recipient of the 2019 WiM Journalist of the Year award – will once again be joining the judging panel for the awards. As part of our partnership, we’re looking forward to discovering new, diverse voices and inspiring personal stories, and – like the awards themselves – recognising and elevating those women who may not have had the highest-profile, but are doing incredible, innovative PR and communications work around the world, as well as those male allies in the marketing industry who are advocates of equality.

Aquitude (Supporting the Customer Experience Award)

Aquitude Group is proud to support the CX award. Aquitude is an international engagement consultancy with a presence in London, Dubai, Singapore. For us, Customer Experience (CX) is a key part of developing long-term and profitable relationships with clients in any industry. Our CX consulting team believes in continuous improvement. We help our clients drive their CX agenda building on existing capabilities and key performance indicators. We ensure the customer’s voice sits at the heart of everything our clients do across CX Design, Capability Building, Culture Transformation, Digital Experience, and more.

Our founder, Christina Ioannidis, is a veteran, globally-minded marketer, and speaker who is also the host of the Thriving Transformation Podcast. Christina is a passionate advocate of the transformational mindset required to succeed in the 3 C’s – Career, Customer, and Corporate Transformations. Christina is also a long-standing judge for the Global Women in Marketing Awards.

Top Marketers Club (Africa Partner)

Established in 2017, the Top Marketers Club is a volunteer-based organization that provides mentorship, support and networking opportunities to sales & marketing professionals – from seasoned marketing executives such as CMOs and Marketing Directors, to those embarking on a career in marketing. To achieve this the club organizes the following educational and social events.

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