WiM IWD Event 2014

Who cares wins

Location: Ivy Club, London
Chair: Gail Gallie, CEO, Fallon London
This year is the tenth anniversary since the creation of WIM-the world of marketing has evolved, this event will be based around David Jones (former Global CEO Havas) book “Who Cares Wins”. Inspired by topics in this book WIM will focus on the effect of transparency, sustainability, digitalization and social media has had on brands.

“The Old world of marketing was linear-the new one is square where prosumers and employees can be an incredibly powerful, positive or negative force for a brand”

David Jones (former Global CEO Havas) “Who Cares Wins”

Presentations will highlight brands that are implementing “doing good” as core components of their brands and value creation.


  • Sharon Johnson, CEO, Re-Purpose
  • Positive Luxury
  • Lucy Shea, CEO, Futerra
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