Judges reasons for the winners

Category 1: Best Female Leader in Marketing

Winner – Sarah Speake, Google

The judges were blown away by Sarah’s journey and her achievements in transforming the B2B agenda within Google. Her submission demonstrated clear commercial achievements, strong people development skills and clear leadership making their decision an easy one. Her dedication to her team, her self-awareness and thought leadership is what has enabled her to rise to the huge challenges she has overcome. Sarah’s personal insight into her amazing story both moved and inspired us all. Well done that lady!

Category 2: Best Female Leader in International Marketing

Winner – Amanda Jobbins, Cisco

The judges felt that Amanda is a very well deserved winner of the Female Leader in International Marketing – she is truly a role model for all women in marketing. She has taken on a notably complex role and set of tasks and delivered clear results and success. That success has been internally recognised and yet has never come at the sacrifice of her unique personality or her very individual style. She has placed herself in the firing line, proved her expertise and is now moving to the USA to take on a global role. She is to be admired and respected.

Category 3: Female Fast Track Marketer of the Year

Winner – Maria Nolan, Sony UK

The judges found Maria deserving of this award by the way she is applying her learnings to the retail side of Sony UK’s business. Her pursuit of clear results and, in her words, continued effort “driving change and innovation in Marketing” makes her deserving of this award. She has been enthusiastically endorsed by a non-marketer who recognises her contributions to both their business and the Marketing field, while clearly demonstrating a strong foundation for her future career. To go from an Online Executive to managing a team within 2 years is a fast track in our opinion. Congratulations Maria

Category 4: Best female Marketer – Private Sector

Winner – Lisa Fielden, Toyota (GB)

The judges were massively impressed with this strong female leader in an environment with few prominent women at a senior level. Lisa’s tenacious pursuit for innovation – continuing to push for innovation during times of adversity and consistently challenging the norms of the category. Although at the time of submission the campaign was in its infancy it’s clear that the impact will be significant, largely due to Lisa’s leadership and drive.

Category 5: Best Female Marketer – Not-for-profit Sector

Winner – Tanya Brookfield, Toe in the Water

The judging panel were incredibly impressed with Tanya’s absolute dedication to her cause. She has clearly demonstrated tenacity and a personal commitment to her charity. Many of those working with her are inspired by her immense energy and infectious enthusiasm. The panel particularly noted Toe in the Water becoming the charity of choice for Cowes week as a massive achievement in competition with other more established charities and of greater scale. I’m sure you’ll agree a worthy winner of the best female marketer in the not for profit sector. Congratulations Tanya!

Category 6: Best Male Marketer for Women’s Campaign

Winner – Douglas Cook, Heineken UK

The judges were really impressed by how innovative this whole campaign was, repositioning of a traditionally male old-fashioned drink towards a younger, style-conscious female audience. Beautifully executed across several platforms, and built on a solid insight, the campaign clearly had tremendous impact, and impressive results.

Special mention from the judges – Richard Pagett, NICEIC

The judges wanted to give a special mention to Richard Pagett from NICEIC for his Jobs for the Girls campaign, for its fresh and thorough approach to campaigning on an extremely limited budget.

Richard set out to achieve a real long term shift in the perception of women in a very male dominated sector. He has clearly made great progress and we look forward to seeing the tangible shifts he will no doubt deliver

Category 7: Best Female Marketer – Professional Services

Winner – Zelinda Bennett

The judging panel were incredibly impressed that a female marketer in a law firm is made Partner in spite of not being a fee earner. Zelinda successfully turned a disjointed team into a highly-effective performing unit, and focussed them single-mindedly on winning business while pricing the firm’s services commercially and profitable. She also created a Women’s Network within the firm to promote more women leaders within the business. We felt her innovation and active approach worth of this award. Congratulations Zelinda!

Category 8: Special award for contribution to Marketing

Winner – Sherilyn Shackell

The panel were delighted to give a special award for an outstanding contribution to marketing to Sherilyn Shackell. Sherilyn devised and has been the driving force behind the Marketing Academy. To become a scholar in the Marketing Academy has quickly become an aspiration for many of our brightest and best young marketing talent. She has devised a unique network that crosses agency and client boundaries, and industries as diverse as consumer goods, media and government. In the space of just 2 years she has engaged a complex group of stakeholders from senior marketers, faculty members and mentors to bring her idea alive. Many of you in the room will know just how hard it is to say no to Sherilyn! She has achieved so much for our profession and we all owe her our thanks. In recognition of that fact we’d like to award her our special award for an outstanding contribution to marketing. Congratulations Sherilyn and thank you!

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