Judges Comments

Best Leader in Marketing (Brand)

Winner: Louise Barber, Global Vice President – Marketing, DHL Supply Chain, UK

Louise has inspired women around her and has attained a marketing leadership role in a large global business, in a sector not traditionally led by women. She has transformed the marketing function within her company, bringing rigor and process, and earned the loyalty of her colleagues, improving the work environment and achieving zero staff turnover. She has further more raised the prominence of marketing in her company and has demonstrated meaningful financial contribution to her company. She has a personal story and compassion that has served as an inspiration for all her colleagues.

Special Anniversary Award

Penny Brook, Chief Marketing Officer, Canada Goose, Switzerland

An ultimate brand leader that’s purpose and results driven and committed to delivering in the Diversity Equity and Inclusion space.

Best Leader in Marketing (Agency)

Winner: Sara Tate, CEO, TBWALondon, UK

Loved everything about this entry – especially how she was nominated by a colleague without her knowledge. Love the weekly feedback app and also the transparency she leads with – what a phenomenal leader!

The Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Marketing – Brand

Winner: Elizabeth Del Valle, Global Head of Marketing -Gaming, YouTube, USA

Changing the face of gaming and driving excellence in complex a space
Creating breakthrough programmes highlighting the important and business value of diversity + inclusion
Shining a light and giving a voice to diverse communities at Google

The Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Marketing – Agency

Winner: Norkor Duah, CEO Mullen Lowe Accra, Ghana

Norkor Duah’s contribution to the world far beyond marketing, is undeniable. In fact, Norkor Duah is one of these souls who comes to make the world a better place for everyone

The Change Maker Award

Winner: Mashal Waqart, Co-Founder & COO, The Tempest, UAE

Next generation leader – transforming what media and storytelling means, especially for young people

Storytelling with impact – unique and underserved voices

Changing perceptions and bravely standing up and using her voice

The One to Watch

Winner: Agnisha Ghosh, Integrated Marketing Lead – Asia, 3M, Singapore

Agnisha has a razor-sharp focus on marketing driving revenue, growth and she’s an all-around customer advocate.Agnisha has been busy across different multinational corporations in India and Singapore pushing the marketing envelope with different cultural backdrops. An impressive career for someone so young!

The Independent Consultant

Winner: Caroline Morell Bøstrup Asmussen, Strategic Director/Freelance, UK

Judges were impressed by Caroline’s ability to provide strategic thinking as a consultant whilst integrating herself amongst her client teams, working across a great spread of brands globally. Challenging herself and also contributing to titles to help support others.

Best Leader in Creating Change in Health& Wellness Award

Winner: Eleanor Miller, Director of Marketing & Communications, Mental First Aid England

Eleanor’s key vision as Director of Marketing and Communications at Mental Health First Aid England is to “improve the mental health of the the nation”, through her leadership Eleanor embodies empathy with wellness being at the heart, she has delivered in product development, messaging, awareness, agility, and growth with outstanding results.

Discover more: https://mhfaengland.org/mhfa-centre/news/december-2020/

Health& Wellness Public Campaign Award

Winner: Katie Steels, Director of Communications & Engagement, LSHTM, UK

Katie Steels from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine illustrated a fantastic multi-channel approach produced with an organization under incredible pressure – it extended the reach of scientists who were incredibly busy unpicking the latest Covid data and science to wider audiences around the world. They are an incredible organization with a passion for diversity – consisting of a leading team of female scientist

The Customer Experience Award

Winner: Claire Jeffries, Group Customer Marketing Director, Verisure, Switzerland

It was great to see the impact Claire has made in the business in reducing the customer attrition rate and improving the NPS scoring.

In a traditional Industry, Claire has created a culture and a systemic process to embed Customer experience and make it a lifeline for Verisure, Claire has instigated strategies to make the voice of the Customer, supported by hard KPI’s across her departments

WiM Storyteller of the Year Award

Winner: Laura Mignott,Founder,DFlash & The Reset Podcast, USA

Wow! What a hybrid storyteller – through podcasts and events this entry is so powerful but it really reflects how Laura is not just elevating new voices she is actively creating spaces for them to thrive! An inspiring entry.

The Industry Shaper Award

Winner: Veronica Chang Founder &CMO Favour UP,UK

Veronica’s passion for customer centricity was at the heart of her entry. By describing the problems many brand marketers are facing, such as localization of content, selection of the right influencers to bring effective ROI and reach for local customers insights, she proves that she truly knows marketing and is trying to solve them with AI technology, the solution is on the ground, not too ambitious to claim that AI can do everything but facilitates the collection and analysis of data at scale. Last but not least, glad to know that she advocates for the community and taps onto the power of it to not only promote good agenda such as sustainability but also gather various opinions to improve her own profile and solutions.

The PR Communicator of the Year Award

Winner: Nik Govier Founder & CEO, Blurred, UK

Nik is undoubtedly one of the most admired professionals in the PR industry. From the moment she started Unity she was clearly one to watch, and she has raised her game further since setting up Blurred – winner of every new agency award going – a year ago. Her fierce ambition for the communications industry to be seen as true business counsel as well as a creative powerhouse sets her work apart from the rest and has led to a stellar start for her new venture. She’s passionate about improving DE&I within PR, and articulated the importance of purpose in business and PR terms years before it became mainstream, conceiving outstanding creative campaigns that really make a difference in society.

Equality Advocate of the Year -Special Anniversary Honorary Award

Michael Roth, CEO, Interpublic Group ,USA/Global

In the WiMAwards anniversary year, we have bestowed an honourary award to Michael Roth outgoing CEO of The Interpublic Group, Michael has been a pioneer in advocacy of Equality and Equity in the communications industry-one particular highlight has been being the key supporter of the iconic global female leadership breakfast held at Cannes Lions-this has become a premier event to attend and this year would have been celebrating the ten-year anniversary.

The Marketing Scientist Award

Winner: Dr Eva Kipnis & The MulticulturalMarketplaces Team, Global Doctors & Academics

Through the multiculturalmarket places initiative, Dr. Eva Kipnis has instigated an integrated view on the multiple cultural diversity in consumer markets.

The network’s work has achieved high impact -through the creation of a mechanism for knowledge co-creation with industry, policy and civil society organisations. In what would be considered a very niche topic achieving this level of co-creation and ensuring international exposure is to be commended.

Congrats to Dr Eva Kipnis and The MulticulturalMarket Place Team:

  • Dr. Tana Licsandru.
  • Dr. Catherine Demangeot
  • Dr. Samantha Cross
  • Dr. Cristina Galalae
  • Dr. Lizette Vorster
  • Dr. Shauna Kearney
  • Verónica Martín Ruiz
  • Dr. Tyrha Lindsey-Warren
  • Emma Johnson
  • Professor Chris Pullig
  • Professor Jerome Williams
  • Dr. Carlo Mari
  • Professor Charles Cui

The WIM Copywriting Award

Winner: Nipplevision by Sophie McGovern

A campaign for Tommee Tippee to promote boob-like baby bottles. Entry included copy book (Nipplevision: How to talk titty), and campaign executions.

You had us at “How to talk titty” on the cover of your brilliant copy book. And the fun didn’t stop there. That was just the start of a lovely story in a wonderful tone of voice consistently executed over many, many pages and platforms. Totally unexpected and refreshing – and really entertaining. Memorable too.

We can think of no better entry that exemplifies excellent and effective copywriting techniques. An appropriate and consistent tone, a relatable and believable story, a whole load of everyday language, use of the first person and the active voice, and a load of alliteration, repetition, and the rule of three.

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