Judges Comments

Best Leader in Marketing -Brand

Winner: Cassie Gasson,CMO Thrive Learning,UK

Described by her CEO as “The Definition of Success”the most compelling part of this entry is the feedback from her team she has really created an environment where both the team and the brand flourish-so compelling!

Best Leader in Marketing -Agency

Winner: Amanda Farmer,Chief Client Officer,Publicis Poke,UK

Impressive results,bringing in business,simultaneously driving profitability and increased(as well as above industry average)customer satisfaction.A role model to us all to be brave,take the challenging job,hats off to Amanda for turning a non-profitable team around!

Change Maker Award

Winner: Meena Miles,Director of Global Advertising,The Independent,UK

Transformative-truly changed the team trajectory in a short time period,leading by empowering others a cornerstone of strong leadership.Massive impact on revenue and business results,ultimately by putting people first.

The One to Watch Award

Winner: Lucy Culpin,Digital Marketing Manager,Ticket Master Sport,UK

Demonstrating passion,love for data and a humble approach to her work made Lucy a stand out.She approaches every project by first analysing what will be the best work for that client rather than jumping to a typical solution.
That humble,analytical and creative mind with results that speak for themselves made Lucy a no brainer choice for the winner.

Independent Consultant Award

Winner: Melissa Ariganello,Consultant,Melorosa Creative Ltd,UK

Melissa’s diverse and impressive marketing experience isparticuarly evident in how she builds community and collaborators,understanding and interpreting briefs,building insight-lead creative concepts and translating them into effective action.Melissa’s testimonials speak for her abilityto quickly embrace new technologies and deliver social media strategy across multiple sectors.

Customer Experience Award

Winner: Luzanne Chong,Head of Customer Experience,Prudential,Singapore

Highly Strategic approach to CX-from strategy through to execution,led a complete CX overhaul with Prudential,demonstrating both ability to lead as well as drive change.A impressive career of achievements,Luzanne got recognised and promoted on average every two years,she is a CX trailblazer!

PR Communicator of the Year Award

Winner: Louise Jack,Associate Partner,The Brand Tech Group,USA/UK

WOW! What an incredible leadership journey and such an incredible range of campaigns and proof points.A real T. shaped communicator-with experience across so many disciplines,from spearheading the regenerative growth story to overseeing the press for a major acquisition, a simply brilliant entry.

Marketing Scientist Award -Market Research

Winner: Dr.Dina Khalifa,Senior Lecturer in Marketing University of Roehampton,London,UK

Project: Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellowship(CISL) supported by Chanel

Dr. Dina Khalifa’s Marketing Scientist entry showed an enviable ability to create research outputs that are accessible for public,academic and industry audiences and furthermore to use her influence with luxury leaders to align marketing strategy and corporate purpose with societal value creation.

Marketing Scientist Award- Marketing Education

Winner: Pilar Rojas-Gaviria, Assoc Prof Birmingham Business School,University of Birmingham,UK

Project : Inclusive Marketing Collaboration with Birmingham Royal Ballet

Dr Pilar Rojas-Gaviria showcases a range of innovations in the space of one module(consumer insights).From student feedback it is clear that their learning experience is truly transformational.The collaboration with Birmingham Royal Ballet provides students with a unique insight into the consumer experiences of the artistic marketplace,which is particuarly relevant given the the current struggles of the arts industry.Marketing graduates with consumer insights for art consumption can be a valuable asset for art organisations.This is a truly impressive leadership in marketing education and achievement by Dr. Rojas- Gaviria.

Strategic Planner of the Year Award

Winner: Parusha Partab,Group Strategy Director,Wunderman Thompson,South Africa.

An impressive candidate ,a true agency leader and Industry-thought leader.

Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Marketing-Brand

Winner: Beatrice Cornacchia,EVP Marketing and Communications Europe,Mastercard,UK

Impressive how Beatrice has not only delivered impressive results across a large geographical region at work,but also found the time to support females through various channels( Girls 4 Tech,podcasts and partnerships) Incredibly Inspirational.

Special Award or Outstanding Contribution to Marketing -Agency

Winner: Sarah Tempest,Co-Founder,Altogether Creative,UK

It can be challenging as awoman to deliver for our business and stay true to ourselvesand core.Credit and kudos to Sarah for successfully being her authentic self,achieving great business growth and results and always taking the time to support and lift up others.

WIM Copywriting Award

Winner: Fran Cliffe,Copwriter,Cliffe Copy Ltd,UK

The on Brand Voice guidelines beautifully reflect and referencethe brand and its category throughout-this is important because often readers aren’t writers so they need to see guidance in action,everywhere,not justin the pages dedicated to voice principles(which are wonderfully clear here).
Those little touches make a big difference.

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