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Best Leader in Marketing Award-Brand

Winner: Director of Business Marketing, Pinterest UK

A phenomenal success story Visha is an incredibly talented marketer who has not only changed the game of B2B Marketing with her innovative work at Pinterest, but she is actively levelling the playing field for the next generation of diverse talent with a commitment to DE&I.

Change Maker Award

Winner: Beth Gordon, Trade Marketing Director, The Independent (UK)

The Independent strong use of research to solve a brand problem; harnessed results to inspire and drive strategy. True marketing impact.
All activity led by Beth has been true to the “Making Change Happen” strapline and stance on activism which has led to incredible tangible results for The Independent.

Highly Commended: Elizabeth Mokwena, Marketing Director Home Care Africa, Unilever (South Africa)

Brave marketer-not afraid to take risks and not afraid to fail, strong example of purpose driven marketing solutions that have real results and impact for the consumers.

The One to Watch

Highly Commended: Anais Cherian, Group Marketing Manager, Globaleye, (Dubai)

She has rebranded Globaleye almost by her own and on time. The rebrand was a huge success internally and externally. She has a natural creative talent and goes above and beyond what her job requires.
Globaleye has gone from being a retail wealth advisory firm to an advisory firm for HNWI.

Equality Advocate of the year Award

Highly Commended: Alastair Campbell, Managing Director, G. Touring Ltd (UK)

Alastair has instigated and supported the creation of a culture and systemic process to embed Equality and D&I in G. Touring he has proved he walks the talk in many arenas, multiple initiatives have been instigated such as the “Not just for Women “and “Family First Approach”demonstrating he understands the challenges faced by certain groups.
He is committed to building a strong and engaged team across the company-moving the NP’s score from women employees of 57 in 2019 to 90 in 2022, illustrating the increased level of engagement in the business.

WIM Storyteller of the Year Award

Winner: Kai Deveraux Lawson, Senior Vice President of DEI, Dentsu Creative USA

In a world where DEI is just a headline or panel presentation Kai shows how the radical candour of storytelling can shift real world change. Her track record of action at Dentsu is quite simply phenomenal. She has spearheaded work to get rid of real structural inequalities rather than simply spinning the surface.

WIM Copywriting Award

Winner: Maia Swift, Words by Maia (UK)

Maia’s writing breathes life into what could be a cold and clinical brand. She tackles important issues with empathy and easy writing style that would make readers feel comfortable.

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