WiM Awards Judge Spotlight: Mack McKelvey

With submission for entries for the 2018 WiM Awards now open, we shine a spotlight on some of the WiM Award Judges

Founder and CEO of The Credentialed in the USA, Mack kicks off by explaining the impact of technology in marketing in the USA.


WIM: How is tech enabling marketing?
MMcK: Technology, particularly digital and social technology has enabled marketers to gain real-time sentiment, feedback and dialogue directly with customers. And, most importantly, we can use this to build stronger customer experiences, build richer products and ultimately better measure success.

WIM: What key elements are you looking for in an Awards entry?
MMcK: I want to see innovation and action. We are well past the days of talking about how leaders can make impact, I look for those who are attacking issues head on. I want to see leaders who are paving the way for their organizations’ success and are actively creating paths for those who work for them today, and for those that will follow behind them in the future.

WIM: What advice would you give to someone entering WIM Awards for the first time?
MMcK: First time award nominees need to remember that providing a thorough entry is key. The judges won’t likely know the nominees, their contributions, style, etc. Bring your career to life for us.

WIM: Tell us more about two new categories – The Change Maker and Industry Shaker Awards
MMcK: Change requires catalysts.
Change Makers and Industry Shakers will honor those leaders who have been persistent in driving change at the company level and the other for forcing the industry forward. Both are critical and we are excited to see the 2018 nominees.

WIM: Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years time?
MMcK: I spent about 18 years in publicly traded and privately held companies, but I never saw myself running a company of my own. I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than five years at this point and I can’t imagine going back ‘in-house’. So, in five years, I see myself in a scaled organization with greater global reach.


Find out more about the WiM Awards Judges, the 12 award categories and how to submit your entry.

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