WiM Awards Judge Spotlight: Nicola Kemp

With submission for entries for the 2018 WiM Awards now open, we shine a spotlight on some of the WiM Award Judges

Nicola Kemp, Trends Editor at Campaign magazine gives her insights on the Journalist of the Year category.


WIM: Tell us about the Journalist of the Year category
NK: This is an award recognising a female or male journalist who is making their mark on the industry. Not just through outstanding writing and understanding (although that helps) but by addressing issues of discrimination and the challenges of driving of driving the diversity and inclusion agenda forward.

WIM: What key elements are you looking for in an Awards entry?
NK: Brilliant writing, creative thinking and a passion for what they are doing. Someone going above and beyond to really make a difference to the industry.

WIM: What advice would you give to someone entering the WiM Awards for the first time?
NK: Just do it, don’t delay, do it now and don’t let it drop to the bottom of your to do list. Don’t worry about making it perfect just worry about getting it done. These awards really matter and it is important to champion the people who really care about what they are doing and are actively making their mark and pushing for progress.

WIM: If you could enter a category, which would it be?
NK: This one! Being a journalist is a huge privilege and winning the Women in Marketing Journalist of the year is a fantastic honour.

WIM: Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years time?
NK: I’m always striving to get more balance in my life. So for me success looks like finding greater flexibility in my work and not being held back by the cult of presenteeism. In five years time I hope we have progressed as an industry, because we will not attract more women.


Find out more about the WiM Awards Judges, the 12 award categories and how to submit your entry.

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