WiM Awards Judge Spotlight: Christina Ioannidis

With submission for entries for the 2018 WiM Awards now open, we shine a spotlight on some of the WiM Award Judges

Christina Ioannidis, CEO of Aquitude shares her experiences of marketing in Dubai and the Middle East…


WIM: Christina, tell us about marketing in Dubai and the Middle East
CI: I have been working in Dubai for 10 years and Marketing is in some ways very sophisticated and advanced. There are, however, areas where Marketers are being limited by their portrayal of their largest consumer group: women. Women are estimated to hold $930 billion of wealth in the Gulf Cooperation Countries; yet they are often still portrayed in very old-fashioned ways in a region where women are actually very sophisticated and very active. There are more women in the UAE Government, for example, than in many governments in the West. Entrepreneurship is also rife, women setting up their own business whilst also working in full-time roles. Marketers have to become braver and more creative; they have to fight off stereotypes as women in this region are getting tired of being pigeon-holed as traditional home-creators and mothers. They are much more than that. The dynamism and passion of women in Dubai, and this region overall, has staggered me – this is why I continue to educate our clients and work with them on pushing the envelope. For example, with our Top of Her Game platform (www.topofhergame.biz), the first of what I call a Social Movement Marketing platform we help brands make grass-roots change, whilst at the same time obtaining reach and engagement from local Arab women. The results have been resounding!

WIM: What key elements are you looking for in an Awards entry?
CI: WiM entries have to be marked by boldness and risk-taking. Women are excellent communicators, and at times they fall prey to hiding behind their own shadows. There are women have been so brave in the marketing world – and this is one of the areas I look for.

WIM: What advice would you give to someone entering WIM Awards for the first time?
CI: Take the opportunity of the nomination to be in the spotlight – you need to be recognised for your amazing work! Don’t hide!


Find out more about the WiM Awards Judges, the 12 award categories and how to submit your entry.

WiM Awards Judge Spotlight: Nicola Kemp

With submission for entries for the 2018 WiM Awards now open, we shine a spotlight on some of the WiM Award Judges

Nicola Kemp, Trends Editor at Campaign magazine gives her insights on the Journalist of the Year category.


WIM: Tell us about the Journalist of the Year category
NK: This is an award recognising a female or male journalist who is making their mark on the industry. Not just through outstanding writing and understanding (although that helps) but by addressing issues of discrimination and the challenges of driving of driving the diversity and inclusion agenda forward.

WIM: What key elements are you looking for in an Awards entry?
NK: Brilliant writing, creative thinking and a passion for what they are doing. Someone going above and beyond to really make a difference to the industry.

WIM: What advice would you give to someone entering the WiM Awards for the first time?
NK: Just do it, don’t delay, do it now and don’t let it drop to the bottom of your to do list. Don’t worry about making it perfect just worry about getting it done. These awards really matter and it is important to champion the people who really care about what they are doing and are actively making their mark and pushing for progress.

WIM: If you could enter a category, which would it be?
NK: This one! Being a journalist is a huge privilege and winning the Women in Marketing Journalist of the year is a fantastic honour.

WIM: Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years time?
NK: I’m always striving to get more balance in my life. So for me success looks like finding greater flexibility in my work and not being held back by the cult of presenteeism. In five years time I hope we have progressed as an industry, because we will not attract more women.


Find out more about the WiM Awards Judges, the 12 award categories and how to submit your entry.

The 8th Annual Women in Marketing Awards – Celebrating 100 Years of the Suffragettes Movement

Women in Marketing (WIM) CIC are pleased to announce the 8th annual Women in Marketing Awards – recognising and celebrating the achievements of women in the marketing, advertising and communications fields around the globe. Building on the success of the 2017 Awards, the first open to global entries, 2018 will debut the first WiM Awards Dinner on the 7th November 2018 at held the iconic Museum of London marking the centenary of the Suffragettes movement and women gaining the right to vote. The awards ceremony will be hosted by Gemma Greaves, CEO of The Marketing Society.

In 2004, Ade Onilude, a then member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Central London team, identified a need for women in marketing to be recognised and celebrated. This led to the first WiM event coinciding with International Womens Day on Work-Life Balance. Since then, the annual WiM events have grown and tackled topics such as ethical marketing, the creatives, branding and diversity in marketing, with the purpose of provoking discussion and inspiring women in marketing and the wider business community.

The popularity of the events led to the introduction of the awards in 2010; celebrating the achievements of women in the industry. Past WiM Award winners have included senior executives from HP, Burberry, Google, Facebook, Hearst UK, Havas, Diageo and Ogilvy & Mather.

Every year over the course of its history, the WiM Awards has been committed to ensuring the awards reflect the evolving nature of the marketing and media landscapes. 2018 will be no different. This year the awards introduces two new categories: The Change-Maker Award recognising entrepreneurial women disrupting existing ways of working, whether within their teams or across the industry; and The Industry Shaper Award recognising women driving change at the leading edge of marketing technology. In addition, the WiM Awards expects to see an even greater representation of global submissions.

The judging panel for this year’s awards comprises of influential individuals, identified and chosen to reflect the global reach of this year’s awards and high standard of entries expected.

The 2018 WiM Awards is now open for entries from brands, agencies as well as individuals around the world and hopes to highlight the need to recognise diversity and the inclusive behaviours of the industry.

A huge thank you to WiM’s longstanding sponsors HP, Inc and IPG for their continued support of the WiM Awards.

“This year’s ceremony is set to be an amazing evening celebrating the achievements of the stars of the marketing world. I look forward to meeting fellow colleagues, female and male, from the world of marketing and business for what will be a glamorous evening.”
Ade Onilude, Founder & CEO of Women in Marketing.

Swedish marketers join forces for #metoo

Article credit Carin Fredlund
Photo credit Nicole Lage Vianna

The #metoo-movement is strong in Sweden. More or less each line of business has its own appeal. But few have taken such concrete measures as the marketing sector. In November 2017, four women from advertising and PR agencies in Stockholm summoned a call under the hashtag #sistabriefen (the last brief). It was addressed to employers and industry organisations with a clear assignment to stop discrimination, harassment and abuse. And they requested clear account of the actions and the results…

The response was immediate. Ten days after the call, leaders of 11 industry organisations joined forces to take action. Together, they represent basically the whole marketing industry. From the Advertisers Association, Communication Agencies, Content Agencies, Marketing Confederation, PR Agencies, trade unions, employer organisations and more. Some of them are each other’s counterparts, others are competitors. But they all agreed that they have an important, shared role to educate and guide their members.

Recently the trade associations and the network #sistabrief gathered to discuss the work initiated and the route ahead.

The trade organisations stressed that they are in the beginning of the process, and there is a lot more to do. But among the concrete measures taken, so far, is the development of a web page, #kommunikationskoden (the communication code), with common ethical rules and other information. The trade union, DIK, has opened a telephone line for whistle-blowers, both their members and others.

A special certifying education for employers and employees is being developed to ensure that the awareness will increase. Agency search consultants have also noted that ethical rules and gender equality has become an obvious matter to address in every process of starting a new cooperation between agencies and their clients.

The promoters of #sistabriefen pointed out, after the meeting, that they also want a measuring system which would enable tracking future development and ensure real change. And change will come; there is no turning back any more.

What does ‘Feminism’ mean to you?

By Rebecca Fennelly
Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

I didn’t identify with being a feminist until quite recently. I’ll be the first person to admit that in the not-too-distant past there were times I thought Feminism (my depiction of it) was hindering gender equality as much as it was helping it.

What has changed for me?
Well, for one thing, I think I am a little less ignorant than I used to be…

What else has changed?
The conversation has changed. The people who are having the conversations have changed. Where these conversations are being had has changed. And most crucially, the action being taken off the back of these conversations is, in my opinion, more palpable, more influential.

With the birth of incredibly powerful movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, gender issues are at the forefront of the global political agenda, more than they have been for a very long time.

I was delighted to be invited along to ‘The Changing Face of Feminism’ event, created and hosted by Ogilvy & Mather and Women In Marketing.

It was a truly fantastic evening that aimed to bring generations and cultures together at this pivotal time to dissect how feminism has evolved and where it is headed. This provoked some hugely insightful and impeccably timed discussions.

I came away from the evening feeling enlightened and energised. Here are just some of my main take-aways:

1. Lisa Jedan, Global Head of Brand PR at Bacardi-Martini told us that traditional views of gender are moving faster in CULTURE than they are in ADVERTISING, and this is happening at a time when brands are trying to reach women more than ever.

2. Ella Dolpin, CEO of Shortlist Media, asked “Are we at risk of creating a dialogue that makes men afraid to have an opinion about women’s rights?”. She discussed how that was not a solution we needed.

3. Victoria Buchanan of The Future Laboratory revealed estimations say it is going to take 116 years until the global pay gap between men and women is closed. This gap exists everywhere, and it is WIDENING for the first time since records began.

4. Cindy Gallop’s presence at the event was felt as her ever-powerful and relevant words – directed squarely at the ad industry – were put on big screen during the panel session – “Stop Talking About It, Start Doing It. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”.

Throughout an evening of discussion and debate, opinions differed, disagreements were had, and conversations got heated. But one thing remained clear throughout: Unity amongst us all is crucial.

Whatever your definition of feminism is, whatever your skin colour, age, religion, sexual orientation, what we need now more than ever, is unity and collaboration in our efforts to bring about true gender equality.

In the words of Maya Angelou, “I’m a feminist, I’ve been female for a while now. It’s be stupid not to be on my own side”

Digital Mums – Reboot your digital skills with Digital Mums’ brand-new training course

Digital Mums has launched a brand-new training programme for all mums whether working full time, part time or on a career break. They’ve called it Digital Retox® because it’s all about immersing yourself in the world of digital and indulging in all the new workplace tools and trends out there. And because training only takes 3-6 hours a week, it’s ideal to do alongside work or parenting commitments…

Digital Mums has launched Digital Retox® in response to conversations with mums who felt like the digital revolution was passing them by, both inside and outside the workplace. The course is designed to fast-track student’s understanding of the key digital technologies and skills crucial to the modern workplace. This includes how to develop your personal online brand – your ‘Digital Me’ – so you can showcase your skills to the full and hustle for the roles – and pay – you deserve. Students will also get the lowdown on new communication and organisation technologies such as Slack, Trello and Touchcast and be introduced to in-demand skil ls like coding and programming, social media and data-driven decision making. To cement their learning, students will undergo weekly challenges to build new found digital skills, and crucially overall confidence.

Digital Mums has almost completed its first pilot of the Digital Retox® training. Only half way into their training and already 86% of their 72 students feel more digitally confident since taking part in Digital Retox® and 8 in 10 believe they’ve developed their skills set.

The second Digital Retox® pilot, starts on 14 May 2018 and the lovely people at Digital Mums are offering this fabulous community the chance to join their digital first army of mums for a special price of £270 inc VAT. For more details on how to build your digital skills and boost your confidence, and to claim your 10% discount, just go here.

WiM CEO featured in Twitter TV debut during the Oscars

WiM Founder and CEO, Ade Onilude, featured in Twitter’s powerful anthem to women #HereWeAre which made it’s TV debut during the 2018 Oscars.

The 60-second spot includes an original poem from poet Denice Frohman and features a multi-generational group of women from 20 to 82, including Hollywood filmmakers Issa Rae, Ava DuVerney, Julie Dash and Jennifer Brea.

The campaign builds on a similar campaign dubbed #Sheinspiresme, which also featured Frohman’s poem and several Hollywood stars, including Alicia Silverstone and Mena Suvari.

The ad, the first one that Twitter has run during the Oscars, capitalises on the hashtag that CMO Leslie Berland created in January to talk about the lack of women speakers at CES this year. Berland also organized an event at CES named #HereWeAre, with speakers including GE’s CMO Linda Boff, Recode co-executive editor and co-founder Kara Swisher and Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code.

Read the full article and watch the video on AdWeek.com

Women in Marketing Awards 2017 Shortlist Announced

Women in Marketing (WiM) are pleased to announce the shortlisted entries for the 7th annual Women in Marketing Awards 2017. Taking place on the 16th November at The Ham Yard Hotel in London, the Women in Marketing Awards celebrates the successes and advances made by women in the marketing, advertising and communications fields, and their male supporters.
Having received a huge response and submissions from around the world, the shortlisted entries reflect the ground-breaking work being carried out, meeting the demands of the constantly evolving nature of the marketing and media landscapes.

The shortlisted entries consist of individuals and teams from a diverse range of organisations including Unilever, HP Inc, Nestle Brasil, Standard Life, Bizcommunity.com, Feel Communications, Campaign magazine and The Future Laboratory. The complete list of shortlisted entries can be found on the Women in Marketing website.

“Every single year we are amazed by the quality of the entries, and this year is no exception. We’ve been absolutely delighted by not only the high standard but also by the range of entries and the judges have had an immensely difficult job in whittling down the nominations to the shortlisted number. We’re looking forward to what will be a fantastic awards night; clinking our glasses and celebrating the strides made by women in the industry and their advocates from around the world.”

Ade Onilude, Founder & CEO of Women in Marketing CIC.

A huge thank you to those who’ve supported the WiM Awards over the years and to the 2017 Awards sponsors including Weber Shandwick, IPG and AXIM.
– END –

Note to Editors

The 2017 Women in Marketing Awards will take place on the 16th November 2017 at the Ham Yard Hotel in London.

A full list of shortlisted entries can be found on the Women in Marketing website:

The Shortlist 2017

About the Women In Marketing Network
Founded by Ade Onilude, in 2004, Women in Marketing (WiM) is established to empower women to fulfill their potential within the marketing profession. Ade was inspired to launch the WiM network as a forum to educate, inspire, connect, share and recognise women in the marketing profession. The first WiM event was held in March 2004, to coincide with the ‘International Women’s Day’ celebration.

WiM Talks have varied from ‘work-life’ balance, branding, ethical marketing to global marketing. In 2010, the Women in Marketing Awards were launched and are established to recognise the economic, social influence and impact of women to millions. This year, the WiM Awards will be held on 16 November 2017 at the Ham Yard, London. WiM is grateful, over the years, for the support of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM),The Marketing Academy and to the WiM Awards past headline sponsors ITV, Mondelez, Vodafone and Havas Worldwide. Special thanks to Gail Gallie, co-founder of Project Everyone, Sarah Speake, Daryl Fielding and Rita Clifton.

The WiM forum has evolved over the past decade, to become a community interest company and we continue our journey through the support of our team, our global ambassadors and our advisory council.

For more information about Women In Marketing, the 2017 WiM Awards, the shortlisted candidates, a list of the judges and previous awards and events visit womeninmarketing.org.uk
For media enquiries email hello@womeninmarketing.org.uk

Twitter video recognizes WiM Leaders

The film is part of Twitter’s #SheInspiresMe initiative, which aims to lift and empower female voices.

We are thrilled to see that among the female leaders and creatives from around the world featured in the video, are our very own WiM leaders, Ade Onilude and Joanne Nye.

In the film, Denice Frohman reads her poem over images and videos of female leaders and creatives from around the world, stars included are Alicia Silverstone and Mena Suvari; former Under Secretary of State Charlotte Beers; Sinmisola Hughes-Obisesan, the first female creative director for Insight Publicis, Nigeria; and Twitter employees.

In a blog post about the video, Twitter CMO Leslie Berland explained that it was created at an event at Twitter Beach, Cannes Lions, France, held by the social network that brought together a group of “inspiring and aspiring” female leaders and creatives from around the world to celebrate their collective impact.

“The gathering resulted in a unique collaboration that highlights an exquisite mix of innovators, storytellers, students, artists, actors, and activists,” wrote Berland. “Poet Denice Frohman crafted an original work that she recited at the event which encapsulates the spirit of the experience.”

The video was created by Twitter’s Brand and Creative Studio.

Read more at PR Week

Women in Marketing (WiM) Names HP Inc.

First Brand to Become Corporate Member

LONDON, UK, APRIL 30, 2017 – Women in Marketing (WiM) is pleased to announce that HP is its first corporate member. HP will help drive positive change across the industry by supporting WiM’s diversity and inclusion initiatives in the marketing industry, including the development and implementation of the ‘Diversity and Equal Opportunities Audit.’

‘Diversity and inclusion are a business imperative and a values issue for our industry. Organizations like WiM will help us move a more inclusive agenda forward,’ said Antonio Lucio, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at HP. ‘We believe the time for words and conferences has passed. It is time to move towards focused, sustained and measurable action plans.’

WiM CEO and founder, Ade Onilude, added that, ‘We’re so proud to be in a position to have the input and support of leading global brands like HP, to help move our industry towards a fairer, more inclusive profession, where equal opportunities become the norm, a profession that touches the lives of millions of people worldwide.’

WiM initiatives include their annual WiM Awards, which sees high achievers celebrated and companies nominated for the coveted industry accolades. Ade Onilude said, ‘This year will see our seventh annual awards and be the first time we will be accepting entrants from across the Globe; it promises to be a great night – full of inspiration and aspiration.’ This year the WiM Awards will take place on Thursday, 16th November 2017 at the Ham Yard Hotel in London, UK.


About WiM:

Founded by Ade Onilude, in 2004, Women in Marketing (WiM) empowers women to fulfill their potential within the marketing profession. Ade was inspired to launch the WiM network as a forum to educate, inspire, connect, share and recognize women in the marketing profession. The WiM forum has evolved over the past decade, to become a community interest company and we continue our journey through the support of our team, our global ambassadors and our advisory council. More information about WiM is available at womeninmarketing.org.uk

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